1. If you're a brunette, dark-haired or dirty blonde, give yourself highlights - A few by the hairline to brighten your face (one to two shades lighter or darker)

2. If you're unhappy with grey hair, make yourself look younger by adding some low lights, highlights or toner to blend the grey with your natural color.

3.  Do you want to get rid of the frizz? Do you want straight, manageable and silky, shiny hair? Consider La Brasiliana Collagen-Keratin Treatment. Flat ironing follows to get pin straight hair or curl and/or wave can be added to create volume and body to straight hair.

Change your look from dull to vibrant with color, frizz and unmanageable curl to straight and shiny with La Brasiliana, add volume and body or change short hair to long with hair extensions!

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